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Following Frank: Unity Temple

There are, perhaps, few things more important to understanding Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of architecture and design than his lifelong association with the Unitarian Universalists. Not only did the Unitarian Church provide the opportunity for his formal entry into the profession of architecture at the age of nineteen, but it would continue to provide opportunities […]

Following Frank: Wright In Oak Park

Any great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright is obliged to visit Oak Park, Illinois. This is the place where Wright would develop his unique style, while continuing to do work of a more traditional nature. Probably nowhere else can you find a better cross-section of Frank Lloyd Wright designs than in this quentissential early 20th […]

Following Frank: The Oak Park Home & Studio, Part 2

Like most Wright sites, it is difficult to fully appreciate the design of the Home & Studio from pictures alone. Wright was a master of space, which can be difficult to convey in a two-dimensional image. His designs are also highly detailed and tightly integrated with the sites upon which they are constructed. The Home […]

Following Frank: The Oak Park Home & Studio, Part 1

Like most Wright designs, I first saw it in a book. From that moment, I was captivated and inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Those feelings only intensified as I learned more about Wright and his relationship to this incomparable structure at the corner of Chicago and Forest. I […]

Following Frank: An Architectural Journey, Part 1

It was a journey I had hoped to take for many years – a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. Though it was hardly at the end of a road strewn with hazards and obstacles, it did seem like a somewhat unattainable dream to travel in the footsteps of a man whose work I held in great […]

Fall from Lindy Point

Explore Lindy Point, a hidden gem in Blackwater Falls State Park, WV. Tucked away in Tucker County, this scenic overlook offers a breathtaking view of Blackwater Canyon. Immerse yourself in nature’s splendor and embark on a journey through ancient landscapes.